13th Polar Law Symposium

Special Online Session 9-30 November 2020


Logistically supported by Kobe University Polar Cooperation Research Centre (PCRC)

As a sign of our solidarity in these difficult times caused by COVID-19, the polar law scholars have come together once again in 2020 to examine, in detail, the implications of the challenges faced by the Polar Regions for international law and policy and to make recommendations on appropriate actions to respond to these emerging and re-emerging challenges. For the 13-year history of Polar Law Symposium, visit this page.

The first virtual Polar Law Symposium will consist of (1) on-demand browsing of PPT files and video presentations with textual feedback from the participants, and (2) a few live, interactive ZOOM seminars and lectures.

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  • 2020-09-01
    Kobe PCRC office
    The new website for 13th Polar Law Symposium is open.
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All the activities of 13th Polar Law Symposium will take place via a dedicated webpage. To view this webpage, you will need to Register here  Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email. Your login details for the webpage will be sent to you via email immediately after registering. For any inquiry, please contact PLS Secretariat: 2020_pls_kobe [at]

Registration is free and open to everybody interested in polar law and policy.

Presenters: The presenters with accepted abstracts who have indicated their intention to make presentations at 13th Polar Law Symposium are not required to register again. Simply login the webpage by using your username and password which the PLS Secretariat will send you separately in early October. You will have the opportunity to make a presentation during the period of 9-30 November by uploading your PPT slides and/or 15-minute MP4 video. Please note that, because of technical reasons, it will take at a maximum ten (10) working days to upload your material onto the password protected website. For any inquiry, please contact the PLS Secretariat.

All Participants: Access to the webpage and presentation uploading is via your browser and there is no extra software to download. To view the ZOOM interactive seminars and lectures, it is recommended that you download ZOOM application. To participate in ZOOM meetings, you will first need to pre-register (please note there are several interactive seminars with maximum number of participants, in principle, on first-come-first serve basis), receive an email with ZOOM URL link, and then access the seminars/lectures with ZOOM application. It is the responsibility of the participants to establish a technical environment suitable for accessing ZOOM meetings and webinars.


Under the Online Discussion Panel on Policy-Law-Science Nexus in Polar Regions, there will be three interactive seminars on: Antarctic science-policy interface; Arctic Science Cooperation Agreement; and International Law, with active engagement of early-career scholars as fellows.

On 26 November, there will be an open online lecture on: ‘Plastic Arctic’ – How does law deal with the emerging threat of Arctic plastic pollution? by Dr. Seita Romppanen (University of Eastern Finland).


This year’s Polar Law Symposium is co-organised by the Polar Law Institute (University of Akureyri), the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law, Arctic Centre (University of Lapland), and the Polar Cooperation Research Centre (Kobe University). The co-organisers express their appreciation to generous support from the following sponsors:




Convenor of the Special Online Session of the 13th Polar Law Symposium:  
           Akiho Shibata, Director, Kobe PCRC

Advisory Committee:
Gudmundur Alfredsson (University of Akureyri, Iceland)
Timo Koivurova (University of Lapland, Finland)
Julia Jabour (University of Tasmania, Australia)

Planning Committee:
Akiho Shibata, Chair (Kobe PCRC)
Hiroyuki Enomoto (Arctic Environmental Research Center, National Institute of Polar   Research, Japan)
Kentaro Nishimoto (School of Law, Tohoku University, Japan)
Yuko Osakada (Faculty of Law, Chukyo University, Japan)
Mami Furuhata (Kobe PCRC)
Nikolas Sellheim (Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, University of Helsinki, Finland)
Indi Hodgson-Johnston (Institute of Marine & Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania,   Australia)
Zia Madani (Kobe PCRC from 2021)
Osamu Inagaki (Kobe PCRC)

Wakako Masuda (Kobe PCRC Secretariat)
            2020_pls_kobe [at]